Citrus Fruit Diet

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, tangerines, clementines, grapefruits contain vitamin C, the situation of a cold and a powerful antioxidant. It follows that a healthy diet with citrus fruits. This is a consideration - but what about a diet of citrus fruit by itself, called the one hand, it is a fad? And how effective?

Dr. Herbert Shelton, in his book "The Hygienic System: Special Trophy", states that any system that focuses on a group or food leads to weight loss. These plans eliminate these "cleansing diet" that some call the function as a fast --- you have concerns about the accumulating cells in the body and produce weight loss.
The diet should contain a liquidation business in store for the lines of popular and stop all the goods away. This is a partial fast, says Dr. Shelton. In food, as in a sale below cost, success comes from the choice of what to rebuild new, while exports of age.
Dr. Shelton warns the values ​​in a citrus juice or diet. Downing glass as much as possible to the body ", excess minerals, vitamins or an alkaline body" against the target, he said. He said: "The approaches to a complete food faster, more efficient," says the author of hygiene. Tell-selling juice and juice "not being able to know what they say:" If you take does not agree.
Three fruits
Dr. Shelton diet orange contours. In general, the diet is very helpful, 3-15 per day, at regular intervals, or three or more at each meal. He says anyone can have or orange juice. Sugar can produce natural gas from Orange. Not so with grapefruit, and use them as food, and find results more quickly, except the oranges and bitterness to overcome. Most people start a diet with only half of the lemon fruit, three times a day and build a whole lemon in nine days, says Dr. Shelton.
Secretes enzymes
Page Chow Associate Editor Roxanne Webber said, no one has the enzyme that causes weight loss, probably grapefruit isolated. Even when people pointed out the magic grapefruit, but a low calorie diet, fruit good for you, he said.
48 hours
Lawyers for the two defeats to maintain scheme Citrus day, up to 10 pounds in 48 hours. Participants said that the detox is working well and lost weight, but the feeling "that robs the body of important nutrients that can" take some multivitamins. The problem is diarrhea. The basic research of nutrition in the two-day diet of citrus fruits is that carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, potassium and leaves. Proponents of the agreement on the settlement of a moderate constant citrus fruits with other foods is the best choice.


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