Citrus Fruits One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

Citrus - are rich in vitamin C, fiber and rich in potassium and folic acid. Both oranges and grapefruit have been found to be rich in powerful antioxidants. The pain of a bee sting can relieve it with lemon juice.

Most citrus fruits are soft and juices are ideal for making syrup, jellies and kitchen and oven.

The most popular variety used by home gardeners include citrus lemon, grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine and tangelo. While the fruit is very popular among gardeners, some people grow citrus trees for their attractive glossy evergreen leaves and fragrant flowers.

Most species are not resistant to frost, but some tolerate light frosts, and the lemon is more durable and resistant to cold and less cold lime with the best people who left in subtropical areas and can provide a suitable microclimate.

The citrus fruit must be well drained, slightly acid clay soils are cultivated. Plant in a sunny and sheltered from the wind, especially during the summer months.

If the weather is too cold to grow citrus in the ground, you should consider growing dwarf varieties in containers or in a greenhouse.

Citrus need regular watering and fertilization. To promote good citrus require large amounts of potassium and nitrogen to grow strongly.

Most citrus flowers in spring, soon after fruiting. The fruit begins in the fall (autumn) or mature in early winter, depending on the type, and the sweetness increases later. Some citrus fruits such as grapes can ripen up to 18 months.

There is not much need for pruning citrus. Only dead or diseased branches or branches that circumcision cut.

Citrus may be subject to a number of diseases and parasites. The best way to avoid this is to ensure that you buy healthy organic plants grafted onto rootstocks selected for disease resistance and robustness. The best time to plant is in a permanent place in the spring and autumn (fall).

Maintaining a healthy citrus to grow strongly. The roots tend to dig near the surface of compost or manure on the floor instead of the trunk to rot, to avoid problems later add.

While the grass looks nice around your citrus is not a good idea, because I can compete with other plants.

The cultivation of citrus grafted acquired from the local nursery, because it tends to hybridize quite easily, which means that if you try to push an orange suit, you can keep your tree of ripe fruit and fruit and vegetables are very disappointed.

Citrus fruits are very easy to breed, put your garden beautiful and delicious fruit with you for many years.


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