Dry Citrus Fruits

Citrus drought is a good way to maintain and enhance its natural flavor. Choose fruits that are grown and very little in the way that the bark and roots are edible after drying. Because the citric acid and a high moisture content, drying moisture is a slow-burning, with the exception of citrus essential oils is to remove. Slices of dried citrus can be used as a seasoning or a mixture of citrus potpourri of light used to add fragrance.

Clean the outside of citrus fruits in cold water with a mild household cleaner.

Place cut fruit on a cutting board and thickly sliced ​​clean uniform 8.1 to 1 / 4. Of course, thin lemon slices dry quickly.

The slices of citrus in a pile of two paper towels and cover with two towels. Continue stacking layers of different segments and two layers of towels for all profiles.

Set the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly turn the stack of slices of citrus and paper towels.

Peel paper towels and place slices of citrus in pots or cooling grid. Let environment inch 1 / 2 between the sections and along the edges of the pan or on a shelf. Citrus slices of sandwich, the pan with a half rack or mesh to prevent curling.

Pots Schuif full-mesh or rack in the middle of the oven and dry for about 6 hours with the oven door open about 6 inches, turn to open the ceiling fan or portable fan Naast a door to a better circulation of blood air work.

Make sure the slices of citrus fruits are completely dry, fold it in half. It is still soft, when dry, but not free all the juice, when folded or crushed.

Keep the slices of citrus fruit in a glass or sealed plastic container in a cool, pantry, dry and dark.


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