Citrus Fruits: Questions & Ideas (Part 3)

What are some high in citrus fruits and veggies?

High citrus fruits are....Grapefruits, limes, Pomelo, Mandarin Oranges, Kumquats, Tangelos, Ugli fruit, Clementines, Tangerines. Pomegranates and blueberries and stuff like that don't have any citric value to them, they are however high in antioxidants.

When can citrus fruits be picked?

Although many citrus fruits are picked while still green, it's best to allow fruit to ripen on the tree for maximum flavor.

"Unlike some other fruits, citrus fruits do not ripen further once they have been removed from the tree, so it is important that they are picked at the right stage of maturity. Maturity is measured depending on different characteristics such as color, juice content, level of soluble solid (sugar) and solids to acid ratio. Normally, citrus fruits are harvested by hand. Fruit is best harvested after 8:00 in the morning, when dew has dried up, since otherwise, if the fruit was still wet, it would become dark and get spoiled...The general way to pick the fruit is by pulling it from the stem, using gloves in order to avoid damaging the fruit."

How do you make a model car powered by citrus fruits?

You need a very light weight car, a motor that runs off a couple of volts at most, and pieces of zinc and copper to make batteries in the acid of the fruits. To get enough power to actually move the car while carrying the fruit or juice would require a fair area of metal and careful planning to keep friction down.

Why do girls like citrus fruits more? or why do they like sour things?

Bamma say sugar and spice and some spanish rice. Bamma say that what you made of. Bamma say boy made from snail trails and puppy dog nails. Bamma say there your answer. Bamma say totally make sense. Bamma otta know.

Is it possible to extract essential oils from citrus fruits at home?

Citrus oils are cold pressed. Only rarely steam distilled. That has to do with heat damage and the chemistry of the oil. The essential oil is in the peels. You may be able to press the peels at home, that it pretty self explanatory. The tricky part will be separating the essential oil from the total fluid that you manage to 'press'. The oil will rise to the top if you let it rest. An interesting experiment, without the appropriate equipment and bulk of plant material, I don't know how much success you'll have.

Should I feed my mice citrus fruits?

If you have male mice, don't feed them oranges or orange juice. It can increase their chances of getting cancer (it's the same with male rats.) It's not a proven thing, but every rat/mouse expert will tell you it's better not to chance it. Females can have oranges, though. Bananas are good! Mice love them!

What citrus fruits do you have in the refrig?

Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits and kumquats

Are citrus fruits ever bad for you?

They can affect your teeth if you eat too many. Also if you suffer from ulcers they can affect you. If you suffer from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) they can bring it on by you having loose bowels. Arthritis can be affected when you have citrus fruits and cause inflammation of the bones.

Saying that they have a lot of vitamin C and are for good bones too. So it contradicts itself in a way.Eat anything in moderation. Clean teeth afterwards: Avoid with ulcers or arthritis: Avoid with IBS unless you find you are tolerant to a 'little' without consequences. Liver - sorry don't know. It is an acid so it could cause you grievance if you ate too many.

What kind of citrus fruits can a person with liver cirrhosis eat?Are lemons and lime okay to eat?

If lcirrhosis is real bad, then u should avoid high protein diet. This can lead to ammonia in your blood and u can get loopy. Also make sure your kidneys are ok before eating lot of lime, as people with kidney problems (which can occur in cirrhostics) can develp high potassium with citrus food and high potassium can kill you.

Is it true that a craving for citrus fruits is a sign of being sexually active?

Its just a myth but ive heard that before... wanna come share and orange? my peach

Can my baby bunny have citrus fruits like orange or blueberries?

Rabbits under 6 months old shouldn't have any fruit or veg as their digestive systems often can't cope with it.

What can I use as a substitute for lemon juice in cheesecake recipes? My DD is allergic to citrus fruits.?

Wow. Then have DD just eat vegetables because it will be really hard to get the same results if you use a substitute

Is it Ok for dogs to have citrus fruits?

its fine to give a little here and there, but i wouldnt make it a main part of her diet.

My doctor told me not to eat wheat bran, nuts or citrus fruits i may have an allergy?

I would suggest you getting a vitamin regiment that would supplement your diet and place the nutrients that your bodies need to survive the attack on your immune system. Go back to the basics, start by getting some fiber into your system and get some natural foods instead of the synthetics and processed foods. Contact me and I will place you in contact with what you need to feel better and get your stool back on track.

What is the relationship between citrus fruits and vitamin c ?

All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C

How did James LInd think off cure Scurvy with citrus fruits?

James Lind didn't come up with the concept; citrus had been used to treat scurvy for centuries before. What he actually did was to carry out a primitive scientific experiment to prove which of the various supposed treatments for scurvy worked the best. One of his test groups was given oranges and lemons, and they demonstrated the best improvement after treatment. You can read more about it courtesy of the BBC.

What is the difference between a lemon and a lime other than color?And that they are both citrus fruits.?

Differences in aroma and taste (one is sour, one bitter). Also, lemons and limes are used in different applications (recipes) and are usually not interchangeable, although some are. You may want to research the differences in Vitamin C content and difference in their acidity.

Why has my dr said i cannot have citrus fruits?

Citrus fruits refer to oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, mandarins, tangerines and clementines,not grapes. I am trying to guess why he should say this. Certainly if you are on statin,such as simvastatin you cannot eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. It could be he is concerned about the sugar content,for example an orange has more than 3 teaspoons,but a lemon has only 2g and a lime virtually none, so that does not sound a good explanation either. I certainly feel you should ask him to explain his odd instruction.


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