Let the Citrus Fruits Help Skin Care

Citrus fruits are rich in pectin, minerals and vitamins C, A, PP, E, D and B. They also contain citric acid and malic acid. Therefore, these fruits are excellent bio-stimulation of the skin.

  • Peel oranges and cut into small pieces. With a wooden spoon and pasta in the face, chest and shoulders. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Rub the skin with cream usual. This form is to cool the skin. In addition, the skin is soft and silky.
  • Clean the face and neck with an orange slice. Wash off after half an hour with hot water and cover the skin with a cream.
  • Regular use of lemon juice to skin color. Only one glass of juice per day. There is also an ideal way to control the flow of the digestive organs to improve control.
  • To cope with the rough skin on elbows, a piece of grapefruit juice. Leave for 10 minutes and the stains with cold cream.
  • Clean the face and neck with frozen grapefruit slices for 5-8 minutes. Then leave for 10 minutes and then wash skin with warm water. Rub the skin with cream usual. If you have oily skin with large pores, you should wash with water. Simply mix one tablespoon of grapefruit juice with a glass of mineral water.
  • Clean with chapped hands, grapefruit peel, wash with warm water for 10 minutes. To cover your hands with a fat cream


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