Citrus Fruit Old Remedies

These days, everyone knows that citrus fruits are good for you - they contain lots of vitamin C, for example. But long before a detailed analysis of their nutritional value was available, the result of a series of drugs and medicines have been used.

Since the 17th century, sailors had to understand the benefits of oranges and other citrus fruits on long trips at sea - even if it took several years to feel the problem of keeping the product for a period to your advantage to resolve the address. Orange juice is a healthy drink known, especially for children. Surprisingly, the only other part of the orange is used medicine regularly in dry skin, which appeared in several recipes for tonics for various purposes described.

Lemons used were different. Lemon juice, some 'coffee and recommended for headaches (which would be a bad cup of coffee ...). Lemon juice is also widely used cough and cold remedies to relieve the neck, a combination of lemon juice, honey, cloves, hot water and a form of alcohol - a grog - is still drunk to light now, just for colds and flu. For those with mouth ulcers, a proposal for a remedy - is sucking on a lemon - of course painful. Lemon juice is also known to alleviate heart palpitations, and act as a sedative.

Lemon juice can also be used externally. The application of lemon juice to the skin, relieve a reputation for fading freckles and pale skin, eczema and itching and also for other species. Slices of lemon added to your bath in the morning was told to cool the body and skin. Some have even suggested that if you suffer from pain, lemon juice, can be applied to data in combination with a light warm compress - compression can say that a major effect of the juice in this case.

So the next time I get or not get rid of this crowd eczema - why not cut a piece of citrus fruit and see if it works?


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