Citrus Fruit and Vitamin C

Lately, citrus fruit with vitamin C has turn into a bit of a celebrity. Thousands of individuals choose vitamin C supplements filled with mega-doses of the vitamin. Surely, supplements are no substitute for a diet naturally plentiful in nutrients. And if you are seeking to acquire more vitamin C in your diet citrus fruits are the best way to go. They are the standard by which other food are appraised. Like other foods that are acclaimed as containing more or less vitamin C than oranges.

Is the vitamin C craze really that good for you?

The response is yes. One of the most important and potent of all vitamins is vitamin C. Vitamin C is also known as absorbic acid, it has for a long time been recognized as a cure for scurvy. Scurvy is a disease that once was common and was all but eradicated by the discovery that it was produced by a vitamin C deficiency. It can bring about loose teeth, bleeding gums, easy bruising, a endangered immune system and in time death. It was especially frequent among sailors until they started consuming citrus fruits to get their every day dose of vitamin C.

While scurvy is uncommon in industrialized countries, the common cold is still quite frequent. There are several who think that consuming extraordinary quantities of vitamin C can defend against the common cold. While this an overstatement, vitamin C has been known to make many of the symptoms of a cold less serious. This is the reason some people drink plenty of orange juice when they feel as if they are getting a cold.

Vitamin C, in addition, takes on a major part in the forming of collagen in the body. Collagen is found throughout the human body. It is in the connective tissue of your organs, skin, bones, ligaments and tendons. Collagen assists in holding you together. A lack of vitamin C stops the formation of collagen and can end in many problems in your body.

Orange juice is without much doubt the most favorite way to have benefit from citrus, but there are a lot of other choices. In addition to oranges, other citrus fruits are grapefruits, lemons and limes.

As many people would not wish to bite into a lemon or a lime, the juice is used as an component in any amount of dishes. And a good piece of grapefruit makes a delightful and invigorating breakfast. A grapefruit is known to reduce LDL cholesterol levels. And a red grapefruit also reduces tryglycerides, making it the ideal heart-healthy food.


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