What is Citrus Fruits?

Citrus fruits are acidic fruits, which contain healthy nutrition content that works wonders for the body. Citrus fruits act as a fabulous source of vitamin C and a wide range of essential nutrients required by the body. Citrus fruit list is a real long one encompassing innumerable types of citrus fruits like clementine, leech, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, kumquat, minneola, tangelo, lemon, orange and pummelo etc.

Citrus fruits are not just meant to be consumed because of their wonderful taste, but also they form an essential component of a healthy diet, owing to their multiple health benefits. The real taste lies in consuming raw fresh citrus fruit. Citrus fruits have an amazing fragrance and this explains the reason why they are among the top fruit list of people. Usually these fruits are juicy and it is this juice that contains the main acidic element, which gives the fruit a characteristic sharp flavor.

The color of the citrus fruit depends upon the climatic conditions. During non-wintertime in the tropical regions, the citrus fruit can be spotted in the green color until maturity, otherwise greenish orange. Usually the citrus fruits are picked even before they fully ripen. So, enjoy the tasty juicy citrus fruits and savor their health benefits.


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