Citrus Fruits: Questions & Ideas

Citrus Fruits?

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Why are some citrus fruits easy to peel and others aren't?

No it is not genetically modified. It is just the way the skin is attached relative the center of the fruit.

What are the effects of citrus fruits on plants?

The vitamin C will help their immune system.

Do citrus fruits wear out the surface of your teeth?

The citric acid will soften the enamel. Softened enamel will be more prone to mechanical abrasion. This is why brushing after eating citrus fruits is not recommended. Rinsing with water will help dilute the acid and allow the saliva to start remineralizing the teeth.

Is it true that citrus fruits will keep you up at night?

I would think that most of it is psychological. The only thing that could be the cause is the rush of energy from the natural sugars from the fruit itself which cause a burst of energy along with the sugars you may add to the grapefruit. The psycological aspect is that citrus fruits taste fresh and are usually cold and juicy. This makes us feel similar to taking a cold shower. The fact is that you are probably just having a rough night from something else. Try working out a bit in the afternoon or reading a bit just before you go to bed to relax your body and mind. Hope i could help.

Can citrus fruits remove stains and dirt?

Yes most citrus fruits have the ability to remove stains, but it usually takes a little bit of soaking, a hot water and detergent. Lemons are one of the best, You can also try using Calamondin oranges/ Calamansi it really works.

What other citrus fruits are there besides oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit?

I think pinapples are considered a citrus fruit, but they're common in the U.S. I could be completely wrong but I remember hearing this not that long ago.

Is it possible to get sick from eating too much citrus fruits?

Some people do get a bit sick from eating too much citrus. My sister went through a phase where she ate oranges all the time and it gave her really bad diarrhea. Everyone is different though. If you start to get stomach cramps or diarrhea, stop eating so much of it.

Do citrus fruits make other fruits ripen faster?

Yes. But it is the banana that produces the most carbon monoxide gases and it will likely ripen faster than the other fruit in the bowl anyways with or without accompanying fruit it is best to buy bananas when they are green they last longer or you can enjoy making lots of banana nut bread.

How do you neutralize the acidity of citrus fruits?

I think bananas do the trick!

For People Who like oranges and other citrus fruits?

There are grosser things to eat besides orange pulp, believe me. No I don't chew the pulp, I drink it down along with the juices while eating an orange. The sugars in an orange are all natural and delicious. As for a tangerine, it's a smaller, sweeter and has a darker flavor than an orange.  To remove a lot of the pulp when you're going to eat an orange is to peel it correctly. Take a paring knife and cut it all the way around about a 1/2 of a centimeter. Do it again the other way so that you have two criss crosses (all the way around). Start peeling at the top, where the stem was.

When you are done peeling it, take your fingers and spread the orange in half. There will be strings of pulp hanging off the sides that you can easily pull off. As far as lemons and limes, though I never drink the pulp unless pieces fall into my water or tea. I spritz their juices onto my food for extra flavor. Lemon juice is amazing in soup.

Do citrus fruits cause non citrus fruits to go bad quicker?

Squeezing citrus over other fruits actually prevents it from going bad faster..

Whats the procedure for segmenting citrus fruits?

Peel and tear

I have to do a english project about citrus fruits?

Lemon fruit or invoked also with citrus fruit originating from the Asian continent. Lemon fruit is widely used for culinary purposes and non culinary around the world - especially for the fruit juice although skin fruit and pulp can also be used mainly in cooking and baking

Lemon or Citrus fruits have a lot of benefits for the body because of nutrition inside the citrus such as vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and K, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc

The fruit is low in calories, 29 calories per 100 g, one of the lowest among citrus group, It contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, but is rich in dietary fiber. Citrus fruits have long been valued for their wholesome nutritious and antioxidant properties

Can citrus fruits such as a lemon or a orange clean dirty coins,and if so how?

Citiric acid ( hence the name)...its an organic acid ( ie comes from something living) but I think its do with the acid ( its a weak acid) reacting with the oxidised layer on the coin to make them shiny again. The oxidised layer should be METAL ( whatever the metal is in the coin) oxide and a metal oxide+acid --> hmm thinking hmm maybe hydrogen gas and a salt and leaving metal clear.

I am pretty sure that carbonated drinks have carbonic acid ( form the carbon dioxide dissolving in the water) among other things...maybe added citric acid??

Can anyone please give me a fruit, aside from citrus fruits, that can be used for alternative detergents?

COCONUT, - you gotta ask your granny.. they use to use it before..

What fruit do you think of when you hear citrus fruits?

I don't think there is a "main" citrus fruit, all the ones you named are citrus. Maybe oranges come to my mind first when I read your question, but I was just perusing a recipe that had mandarin oranges in it earlier. LOL


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