Citrus Fruits: Questions & Ideas (Part 2)

Does eating citrus fruits help prevent kidney stones?

It could help preventing kidney stones, if it not it would certainly cancel out the probability of kidney stones, because it would surely not give you them.

What are some non citrus fruits that can create electrcity?

Electricity can not be created. Energy can not be created, it can only be changed from one form to another. To get electricity to flow you need 2 different metals and a conducting solution. That means one with ions or charged particles. Since citrus fruits are acidic, they do have H+ ions and can conduct. Any fruit or vegetable that is acidic (tomatoes) can conduct. Dill pickles can be made to light up like a fluorescent light. It is the pickle juice that allows the flow of electrons.

Are citrus fruits good for you?

If you are going for Vitamin C, eating one orange is plenty. Your body can only hold so much, and one orange gives you all your body will hold for the day! Citrus fruits are fine, you'd have to eat more than one could consume to do damage to your teeth. But don't eat too many -- the acid from citrus fruits can cause your stomach to feel upset.

Are Pears considered an "Acidic" fruit? My doctor said avoid acidic and citrus fruits, Are pears acidic?

He was meaning oranges or Lemons, both which are acidic, Pears are not considered as such. Grapefruit is considered acidic. Sounds like you are on Verapamil for high blood pressure.

How do I extract the oil from citrus fruits without buying the expensive machine?

1) Soak the rinds in water along with the pith.
2) Turn the pieces inside out and squeeze them by hand to break the cell walls
3) Leave on top of a sponge to absorb the oil drops
4) When it saturates, squeeze the sponge into a container.
5) Decant the oil from the top of the water.

What happens if you eat citrus fruits and dairy products?

Nothing. But i like the potato answer!!

What hair product has Aloe Vera, Citrus Fruits, Jojoba, Rosemary, and Sage?

Carols daughter products have that, as well as kera care, and mixed chicks products have tha as well. :o)

Do citrus fruits counter effects of wheatgrass?

I have not heard of this effect. What citrus does tend to do with wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, and other strongly flavored green supplements is reduce or mask such strong flavors. A straight glass of green can be most unpleasant - orange juice in particular helps it go down more smoothly.

Are there any citrus fruits without seeds?

Look for minneolas. They are around in the winter and early spring. Right now they are coming from Peru. But, later they will be from California, and they are to die for. You will love them. East to peel, no seeds. Tart, sweet.

Do all fruits contain acid, or just citrus fruits?

All fruit and vegetables (and some meats) contain Vitamin C, a weak acid, and many will also contain citric acid. Citrus fruits have higher concentrations of citric acid than other sources.

How long do citrus fruits take too cook?

It depends what you would like to do with them. If you need to use the whole orange for example for an orange cake, you need to boil the whole orange for at least 1 hour. The fruit is not overcooked, on the contrary it comes out really sweet. I know how strange it is, the first time I boiled oranges for that length in time, I kept having doubt, but it works wonderfully :-). Happy cooking. I hope your lattice pie tastes delicious.

How to grow fruits on citrus tree in flat?

Depends on the tree. Some Hybrid Miniatures may produce fruit in a few years with proper care and sunlight.

Why are citrus fruits and hydrogen peroxide good in removing stains?

Limonene is an organic molecule that is found in citrus fruits (e.g. oranges, lemons) which dissolves a lot of grease stains and certain kinds of fruit stains - it can even work on inks, graffiti, candle wax and gum. So lemon juice is a good stain remover to try in many situations.

How can citrus fruits help me to get rid of my beer belly?

You realize, after repeated consumption of oranges, that your belly fat is still there. Then you realize that you need to stop drinking beer and eating oranges, get off your a$$, and go for a walk. Eventually you will be able to jog. Then you will be able to run. Then the fat will disappear.

Does the acid in citrus fruits really help to burn fat faster?

No, not true.

How do you keep citrus fruits fresh?

The best way to keep citrus fresh is to leave the fruit on the tree. If citrus is picked for storing, care must be taken. The peel should not be scratched or bruised, and the fruit should be picked when dry. Cut the fruit from the tree and make sure the stems are cut close to the fruit. Store in a cool place and check often to see if there are any bad pieces of fruit amongst them.

Citrus juices can be preserved by freezing them for later use. Lemon or lime juice can be frozen in ice-cube trays. When frozen, remove cubes from trays and store in plastic bags or airtight containers in the freezer. The cubes can be easily used as flavourings.  Drying grated citrus peel makes it available for later use. Grate the citrus peel and spread it on a tray. Dry the grated peel in the sun or in a solar dryer. When it is dry, store it in an airtight container.

Is it true that citrus fruits are bad when u have a uti?

Yes, once you have the UTI, the acid in citrus fruit can irritate the bladder even more. It won't really make it worse infection-wise, only pain-wise but it's best to avoid them while you have a UTI. Drink cranberry, blueberry and/or pomegranite juice instead.

Are there any channels dedicated to citrus fruits?

Yes! One in Orange county Florida, and one in Orange county California. Both are local to their repective areas.

Why don't cats or dogs like the smell of citrus fruits?

SAY WOT !?! My dog eats oranges. What cats and dogs don't appreciate is the 'zest' or citrus from the peel. And that is because it is quite bitter.


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