Citrus Fruits: Question & Ideas (Part 3)

Are we not suppose to eat citrus fruits when we have a cold?

Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C & will definitely help ! However, I do find it strange coming from a doctor !

Why does citrus fruits make cuts burn badly?

Yes, citrus fruits are high in vitamin c (which is the common term for ascorbic acid). Thus, you're putting acid on your hand cuts. It will clean them, but it will hurt like hell and can cause irritation to the wound.

Sweets can you remember the name of the jelly citrus fruits that?

I've seen them around. I found some great ones at Big Lots one time for cheap, and they had jelly raspberries, oranges, lemons, limes...good selection. The jelly candies in bags are OK, but the slices rolled in sugar are better. You might have some luck at a natural/fancy-shmancy food store (like Whole Foods, that sorta place) because as "fruit", they seem...healthier? More gourmet? But they tend to have good selections of licorice, jellybeans, chocolate, higher-end stuff, so maybe try someplace more gourmet.

Can I make perfume out of squeezed citrus fruits?

As kids we used to add rose petals to water!

How many different citrus fruits are there? Can you name them please?

13 = citron, grapefruit, kumquat, lavender gem, lemon, lime, mandarin orange, oro blanco, pomelo, shaddock, tangelo, tangerine and ugli fruit.

Why are citrus fruits bad for reptiles?

Depends really on what reptile and what citrus you would be offering. It can be if they are getting it all the time...

What are some really healthy citrus fruits that help burn fat?

Most foods do not burn fat, however there are some exceptions. Celery burns more calories than it has, so you actually lose calories by eating it, the same goes for herbal teas. I don't know of any citrus fruits that actually burn fat on their own, but they are part of a healthy diet which is necessary if you want to lose fat through exercise.

Is it safe to eat the rinds of citrus fruits?

In the old days when the fruits were not sprayed with hundreds of pesticides it was safe to eat the rinds. Today, eat the peel if it's organic and wash thoroughly with soap and water just to be on the safe side that you are not consuming any pesticides. Mango skin can be eaten if the skin isn't too tough. It's all fiber. I eat it if i can, but it truly depends on the type of mango too. In many countries outside the US, we eat the skins with no reservation. Here it's a little different, the skin is tough to chew, because the process to ripen it doesn't allow for the mango to ripen in a natural state. I've never heard of any fruit having a poison peel, except that I wouldn't eat a melon peel, this might be poisonous and may give you digestive problems.

Why are citrus fruits dangerous for hamsters and other rodents?

Citrus can be dangerous for any creature, including humans. The Citric Acid can create open sores on their lips and around their mouth, and wear down the natural enamel coating on their teeth. The same dangers apply to human. Feeding them excess citrus isn't good at all. Too many things to worry about.

What vitamin is associated with citrus fruits and green vegetables?

Vitamin C and sum other minerals, hope that helped by some bit,

When can infants have citrus fruits and tomatoes?

Strawberries are highly allergenic, so it is suggested that you wait until they are closer to one year before introducing them.  Other citrus fruits and acidic foods aren't too much of a problem being introduced earlier. Pineapples, mandarin oranges (and regular oranges), and tomatoes may be a bit acidic, but they're fine if you don't force your baby to eat them. A few bites of any of them here and there are fine. I suggest giving these to your baby in a baby led weaning situation instead of spoon feeding them. If you let your baby be in charge of eating them, he probably won't eat more of them than he can handle.

I know lemon juice highlights but what about other citrus fruits?

Using citrus fruit juice on your hair can be damaging because of the acid. You say your hair is naturally brown and you had highlights but they faded. I am a little confused. To give your hair blonde highlights we as stylists would actually lift out you natural pigment to make it lighter. So the highlights cannot actually fade.

Go to another hairstylist. Please do not try the citrus fruit method, just like home color kits the results are unpredictable.

This pregnancy i can't stand citrus fruits, fruit juices, or meats. Is this healthy?

I wouldn't worry about it at all. As long as you're taking your vitamins, the baby will get what it needs.

Pomegranate juice? Is it sour or acidic like citrus fruits? or is it sweet?

I drink and mix into drinks/smoothies 100% Pomegranate juice almost daily and find it to be bitter. The one's in the Supermarket at loaded with extra sugar and fruit juices and are still bitter! It's an acquired taste and I do it mostly for the antioxidant boost without the extra sugar (diabetic!)

Do citrus fruits normally whiten teeth?

The thing about tooth caries is... although at later stages, it looks ugly, dark, and brownish, the earlier stage of it actually appears strangely whiter than the normal colour of your teeth. I don't encourage such habit since you're actually exposing your teeth to weakening process. See, our teeth undergoes mineralization and demineralization. To be translated into simple English, it means, the teeth is rebuilt and sort of destroyed (a bit only though) again and again through time. When you expose acidic environment to your teeth (like what happens when you drink carbonated drinks and acidic food/drinks, or even eating sugary food which later turns into acid due to normal bacteria in your mouth), your teeth is more prone to demineralization process (the weakening of teeth). As long as you rinse your mouth after eating and brush your teeth regularly, then the normal pH of your mouth should be restored and your teeth shall undergo normal mineralization and demineralization.

In summary, the acidic things you get into your mouth makes your teeth prone to get caries and the early stages of caries actually appear abnormally white rather than brown lesions.

Is it true that girls eat un riped mangoes,citrus fruits,lemon to increase their breast size?

Nothing increases breast size besides surgery or swelling from milk I think (I've never been pregnant, so I dunno). But your size is here forever.


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