Citrus Fruits: Freshness in a Bottle

Citrus oils are perhaps one of the essential oils for perfumery. They offer a fresh, invigorating and stimulating essential. Although the oil contains a variety of sources CITRUS families citrus bergamot, lime, lemon, grapefruit and bitter orange is produced. Of these, the most common bergamot and lemon.


The fruit is edible bergamot in southern Italy, Spain and South Africa cultivated the tree grows 2-5 feet tall with leaves only to steal from a full range of tubular flowers. The smell of bergamot is mild, slightly sweet, fruity and refreshing to the mind.

Bergamot oil is in the Italian city of Bergamo in Lombardy, from which the name sells. It was traditionally used in folk medicine by the Italians.

Bergamot oil is an aromatic remedy indigestion, flatulence and colic for its antispasmodic and digestive system.

Its stimulant effect may help, anxiety and depression.


The essential oil of lemon is a warning that cool, refreshing and sparkling with the same effect. Hygiene comes to mind when you think of lemon. The flavor is cleaner "~ effect and deodorants to clean. In Italy, where it is abundant, the lemon is commonly used as a spice.

The lemon tree grows to 11 feet high, with irregular branches. The leaves are oval and oval. The fragrant flowers are pink and white and the fruit is bright yellow.

The Egyptians, lemon oil for the treatment of meat, once poisoned. The fruit has been used by sailors to prevent scurvy at sea Mo lemon oil improves digestion and regulates levels of stomach acid.

It can also promote the production of blood cells to treat anemia and strengthen the immune system dysfunction. Quality can help febrifuge, fever, low body temperature.

Lemon oil can be emotionally cool and cold eyes. Uplifting citrus oils are invigorating and refreshing alternative to other oils when one day a spicy kick again.


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