Citrus Fruits For Healthy Skin

Skin healthy and well cared for, need not be expensive. Do not depend on the recovery of skin creams and products. We believe that one way to beautiful skin is the result? Some fruits, mix a little paste "here and there and you're on your way to a healthy and beautiful skin naturally.

The fruits are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Here are some healthy skin of citrus fruit:

Scrub fruits

Grated lemon peel scrub - Take a lime, powdered milk and two shares almond flour ½ lemon juice and mix well. Now you have a nice house, but cheap stain.

Pineapple - pineapple puree is a relief to the stairs, dry skin and itching. Applied to the skin, rinse for 15 minutes. It ends with a remix of the lotion.

Mask fruit

Papaya - ripe mashed father (half cup) applied for 15 minutes gives the skin the glow of the skin. Leave a lively and fresh after washing.

Grapes (red) - Massage mashed red grape skins for 10 minutes to rise and shine. The antioxidant properties of fruit softens the skin cells against free radicals. Rinse with cold water.

Moisturizers fruit

Lawyer - a cup of ripe avocado, mashed potatoes and dry on the skin for 15 minutes to allow the moisture to the skin is a quick refresher.

Bananas - ripe mashed banana skin for about 10 minutes is an effective remedy for dry, flaky skin.

Citrus Surprise

A few drops of lemon juice in water used for washing the face is good for the agents of acid and anti-bacterial, to keep excess oil in the skin.

Lemon juice applied to the darker areas of the skin can alleviate these problems. Moisten after use, has a drying effect on skin.


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