Citrus Fruit Facts

Citrus fruits are the most sought after fruits in the world. After vanilla and chocolate, orange is the most favorite flavor in the whole world. There exist several varieties of citrus fruits, and most citrus fruits are available all year round. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pomelos, kumquats, clementines, and mandarins, are some of the most common citrus fruits. Various new hybrid varieties are being added to the citrus fruits list every year. Here are some interesting citrus fruit facts.

Facts about Citrus Fruits

    * Citrus fruits belong to the family Rutaceae. It is believed that citrus fruits are native to south east Asia. People in countries like India, China, Japan and Myanmar have been cultivating oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes since thousands of years.

    * These days, citrus fruits are grown all over the world. They are always in demand. They are consumed like other fruits or they are used to make juices and various delicious food products. For example, orange peels are used for garnishing or for enhancing the flavor of a dessert, gravy or sauce.
    * Although there exist hundreds of types of citrus fruits, they all have been developed from as few as four ancestral species. The first varieties of citrus were bitter and not edible! Different types of oranges, lime, lemons, tangerines, etc., are all natural or man-made hybrids. For example, grapefruit was obtained as a result of natural cross breed between the orange and the pomelo.
    * All these fruits are known for the typical citrus aroma and sweetish-tangy flavor. They enhance the taste of juices, baked products and salads. The presence of citric acid offers them the typical sharp flavor. They are preserved in the form of marmalade and pickles.
    * Citrus fruits mature or even over-mature when on the tree. If you remove them from the tree before maturity, there won't be any increase in the sweetness of the fruits, and they won't continue to ripen once picked. Citrus fruit trees do not require regular pruning. It is difficult to guess about the ripeness of an orange by observing its color.
    * One of the important citrus fruit facts is that a citrus fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, flavonoids (heart-healthy enzymes which are present in red wine and dark chocolate), calcium, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients. Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin and it protects your body from various diseases, even cancer, by canceling the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.
    * Citrus fruits improve blood circulation and heart health. They help lower the symptoms of hypertension and inflammation. They play an important role in the synthesis of collagen, and help you enjoy glowing, soft and supple skin. They strengthen your immune and nervous systems.
    * If you compare orange juice with milk, then you will come to know that orange juice contains more calcium than milk. Moreover, the human body absorbs more calcium from orange juice than it can from milk. So you can enjoy strong teeth and bones by consuming oranges regularly.
    * Citrus fruits supply ample dietary fiber which helps improve your digestive health. Citrus fruits play an important role in keeping the blood glucose levels stable, and in lowering blood cholesterol levels. An orange contains more fiber than most other fruits and vegetables.
    * Citrus fruits work as powerful detoxifying agents. Regular consumption of oranges, lemons and limes helps get rid of toxins in the body. These fruits contain folate, and women should consume them before and during pregnancy, to prevent birth defects in infants.
    * Juicy facts about citrus fruits inform us that every U.S. citizen consumes about 12.5 pounds of citrus per year! It is a well-known fact that citrus fruits help prevent the disease 'scurvy'.

I hope you enjoyed reading these citrus fruit facts. Citrus is one of the most popular commercial crop in the world. Apart from their use in the food industry, they are also commonly used in the cosmetic industry to make perfumes, soaps, and other toiletries. In restaurants, finger bowls are served with a small slice of lemon. Peels of citrus fruits are often used as facial cleansers. They are added to herbal hair care and skin care products. Citrus fruits exhibit an anti-aging effect, and can make you look young and cheerful.


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