Check Citrus Fruit for Freeze Damage

Citrus Fruit need warm climate of healthy products. Some types of citrus trees are resistant to cold, and most can survive a hard frost. If you find that you can freeze in your area, the leaves of citrus trees. Able to protect from frost keep warm citrus tree. After freeze citrus should look carefully to determine if the damage occurred. Fruits are often frozen completely damaged, but the effort to save the juice.

Press to see the fruits, if you feel strong and fast, once thawed in the structure. Citrus fruits do not feel spongy.

Citrus odor after it melts and you hear of companies. Citrus good, instead of acid and rotten.

Place the lemon in a bowl with cold water. Fruits float in water are damaged and must be eliminated.

Check citrus, one or two weeks after the frost. Damaged berries and tree fall. The skin of the fruit can be separated.

Look at the exterior with citrus caution. Normally, the exterior is good, but sometimes the defects and holes develop.

Cut the fruit open to inspect the inside of citrus. Separate the fruit into sections looking for frost damage. Frozen Citrus is dry, a little juicy.


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